May #TogetherWeLetter: Day 09-15 - Different.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

This week, I used fewer brush pens and preferred using watercolor, color pencil, and color marker. I almost forgot that I can use them for the lettering challenge. And also, the brush pens that I always used are running out of ink, so I'm saving them up now because I don't have any plans of buying new pens yet.

I also used a journaling card when I took a picture to add "spice" on my IG feed - which I really like! I guess, I have to get more journaling cards from now on. Lol!

Day 09 - Three things...
"Glasses, flipflops, & pens"


Day 10 - Bookshelf


Day 11 - Waiting


Day 12 - Happiness is... 
"My daughter's hugs and kisses."


Day 13 - Poetry


Day 14 - Weekend


Day 15 - Print


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