#TogetherWeLetter: Day 18-24 - I need more!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

This week was fun!

I tried using different ways of taking pictures of my works - fabric flowers, smaller paper, colored background. I might use more on my future lettering, I just need to go through my things to gather and select those that I could use of. When I'm not lazy enough to get the boxes and stuff. Lol!

I think, I maximized the use of Cocoiro Brush Tip refill that I'm almost running out of ink. However, the brush tip is really good that I'm actually looking forward to it to get emptied so I can finally use the brush refill on watercolor - talk about recycling! Hihi!

I just hope that Scribe in SM Cebu already have this brush tip refill, because I'm really want to get one now. And Tombow as well, the pen already has a fading effect!!!

Anyway, here are my days 18 to 24. Enjoy!

Day 18 - Gracious

Day 19 - Friendship

Day 20 - Try Again

Day 21 - Colored Pencil

Day 22 - Awesome

Day 23 - Prayer

Day 24 - Rest

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