Pinypon Little Houses - Apple Picking Orchard Set

Monday, February 01, 2016

Me and my little girl definitely fell in love with Pinypon, which was a Christmas gift from her grandmother! And now we want more! Lol!

Anyway, last November, my daughter finally had her second play set. It took almost a year to get her another one because it was only during that time she already appreciated her Pinypon.

What we gave her was the Apple Picking Orchard Set from the Little Houses Series. There are only two, by the way - the Swing Set and this one.

I kind of like this set better than the first one, because it has lesser accessories. Konti lang ang hahanapin ko kapag may nawala! Lol!

What's included in the box are:
1 white house, 1 apple tree, 6 red apples, 1 food tray, 4 jars, 3 accessories (bag, diamond, heart), 1 ladder, and 1 Pinypon doll with fabric skirt.

If you're thinking of getting one for your daughter, niece, or inaanak, you can find this Pinypon Little Houses - Apple Picking Orchard Set at any major department store or toy stores. We bought ours at SM Cebu Dep't Store for Php 649.75 only, same price as the Swing Set.

And just like the Swing Set, some parts of this house are also detachable.

Of course, parts of the doll are detachable as well. The skirt, by the way, is made out of fabric which I think is very rare because they're usually made out of plastic material.

And one of the highlights of the doll is, it has 2 face/emotions. Here's how this Pinypon doll looks like.

See! She's winking! So cute! Still never fails to amaze my daughter - and me too! ^_^

Now, the first Pinypon has a neighbor, and a picnic and apple picking buddy too!

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