{Haul} Nivea's Big Sale 2015

Friday, February 05, 2016

Last year, May 2015, Nivea held their big sale of the year. They took half of the price on all their products nationwide! That means 50% discount on our favorite Nivea products - from lotions to lippies! 

If you only know how many people hoarded Nivea that time. I saw one bought tons of different lotions while some hoarded bar soaps, which I've been trying to look for back then. Unfortunately, didn't saw one.

Here's a tip, though, buy on their first day of sale. Words spread like wildfire, next thing you'll know products are already out-of-stock! The first day of sale gives you higher chances of grabbing the items you really really like! Oh, and another one, buy what you can only use or share. Please spare some for us! Lol! Kidding aside, these products have expiration dates also. You don't want to end up having numbers of expired lotions, won't you?!

Anyway, here are my Nivea purchases with 50% off.
(will update this post soon with their regular and discounted prices)

Nivea Creme 30ml

Nivea Anti-perspirant Extra Whitening 60ml
Nivea Anti-perspirant Whitening Roll-on

Nivea Baby Pure & Sensitive Milk Lotion 200ml

Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Milk 250ml

Nivea Extra White Repair Pore Minimiser Scrub 100g

Nivea Men Oil Control Cooling Volcanic Mud Foam 100g

Nivea Men Oil Control Face Wash Multi Effect 100g

I wish I bought their sunscreen lotion for kids, that's one thing I really regret. It would've been of big use, especially now that we frequent the beach and the pool. And, I would really like to try their scented bar soap, I heard it was really good. I wonder when are they going to hold another big sale this year?

Anyway, thank you Nivea for being so generous! Thank you for these wonderful products!

'Til next Big Sale!

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