A Glimpse of My 2015 - Happy New Year!!!

Friday, January 01, 2016

2015 was a very chaotic and crazy, yet FUN year for me. Here's how my year went through.. ^_^

Me, hubby, and my daughter relocated from the urban to my mother's hometown.

The hardest adjustment ever with our current setup - hubby comes home every rest days.

I have a preschooler now, which is fun by the way. She learns from school and I learn from her - patience in teaching, reviewing, and helping her out with her assignments AND writing.. ^_^

 Contemplating on how to sell my crafts considering the high fees of couriers here.

Stopped joining giveaways for months, means lesser prizes won. But I'm joining again now! Crossing my fingers that luck is still with me. ^_^

Stopped blogging for months because of all the adjustments and stuff. Instead, I focused more on paid blogging opportunities.

I found a new love in modern calligraphy. Practice, practice, and more practice!

.. and watercolors

.. and planners as well. Oh, just like the old days!

That's it! I'm not gonna give details anymore because for sure it will be a loooooonngg post. But there's only 1 thing that I'm wishing for this year, and that is to have a MORE crazier and fun year ahead regardless of the bumps that I might encounter. ^___^

Happy 2016!!!

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