How-to: Changing Your Facebook Page's Username

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Yesterday, while I was fixing my online shop, I decided that I wanted to change the URL or the username of my Facebook Page. I was having a hard time though, because when I went through the page's settings, I couldn't find the option to do that.

But then, Google came to the rescue and was able to switch it to my desired username. ^_^

So, how do you actually change your Facebook Page's username?

Here, I'm going to share to you how easy it is to change to your preferred username that would perfectly fit your brand, your blog name, or whatever you want to name your page.

1. Logged in to your account and go to

2. Select the name of the page you manage that you want to make some changes with.

3. Edit your existing username to your desired one and check for availability.

4. Confirm if username is available. Remember, you can only change your username once after you set it the first time, so you have to be very careful when picking a username and always double check for spelling. *wink*

5. You'll get this confirmation pop up when you successfully made the changes and you're done. Now you can use your page's new url! ^_^

I hope this would be of big help for you! Enjoy! 

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