Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I want these for my wall!

Ever since we transferred home, I kept on staring on my room’s blank wall. I’ve been thinking on how I would spice up my wall so it will not look plain, sad, and boring. I’ve been thinking of large framed paintings, small picture frames, or maybe just place a huge mirror on my bare wall. But then, I remembered the decorative wall decal I saw from my friend’s house, and thought ‘why not?!’

I am now in search of my prospected design decorative wall d├ęcor for my room, and upon searching I came across SAMMYdress. I’m a bit surprised though, because I thought they only have clothing for women but in fact they have numbers of wall decors on their site. There are a lot to choose from and I really enjoyed browsing them. Now, I have my top picks from them which I really love, and I’m just waiting for my hubby’s approval on which of the designs I picked he wants.

Here’s are my favorites from SAMMYdress decorative wall designs more:

1. This one is a three-in-one wall decor. You got your wall design and at the same time add pictures of your loved ones, and have a family tree on your wall! I guess this is a steal for $6.65!

2. Oh, this simple and elegant love heart pattern is so cute! Would definitely get the love vibe inside our home with this lovely design! I think this will go perfectly on my coffee area.

3. This one's another cute wall decal and I think this is definitely perfect for my daughter's room. She loves animals and I know she will enjoy this on her room. No child could resist this!

So many cute and lovely wall decals on SAMMYdress, if only I could have them all! But of course, I could only choose one, or maybe two. LOL! And if you're also looking one for your lovely home, go check them out. I'm sure you'll find one that would caught your taste! Enjoy!

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