Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuft & Needle: No more counting sheep, no more sleepless nights!

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After a long and tiring day, we definitely want that much needed rest. However, not all of us could get to sleep soundly because of some 'sleep issues'! We keep on tossing and turning all night and even counting sheep wouldn't help at all, chances are your mattress might be the cause - they're not comfortable!
Tuft & Needle offers the highest rated mattress in the world, using fabric that comes from a 90-year-old family-owned textile mill in the Carolinas. Designed and crafted in the U.S, they surely are proud to support American manufacturing. 

But of course, we all know it's overwhelming to shop for a new mattress - high price tags, tremendous shipping fees, and how it will get to your lovely home. 

The great news is, these mattresses are sold at a very great and fair price. And the best thing is, it is free Shipping at Tuft & Needle! It's amazing that these mattresses ship for FREE (except to Alaska and Hawaii); PLUS, Tuft & Needle mattress are packed and compressed in a mini-fridge sized small box to make it easier to handle and get it into your bedroom. So, no worries if you live in a walk-up or small space. That's CONVENIENCE at its finest!

Oh, did I mention that their mattress comes with a 10-year warranty?!  Yes, only Tuft & Needle could give you an honest warranty you could actually use. And Tuft & Needle also gives you a 100-night trial period with free, zero-hassle returns.


So, if you want to experience the #1 rated mattress in the world from Tuft & Needle and have that excellent good night sleep, head on over at Tuft & Needle now!

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