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Saturday, August 01, 2015

When technology was born, my creativity took a rest. The free time I spent creatively, was changed to time spent in front of the computer checking on Friendster, MySpace, and Multiply. I almost forgot that I love to scribble, doodle, and write. I almost forgot that I'm fond of pens and papers, stationery and stickers, and planners and notebooks. I almost forgot that I love to create!

 But that was almost 2-decades ago. I guess, when you get old balancing life and get tired of all the dramas you're seeing on your newsfeed, you look for some ways to unwind - at home! 

That's when I took my pens out again.

I never thought that I still had my pens for almost 15 years, hidden. But of course, I have to throw some of them away because they don't work anymore (I'm not sure if I get to take pics of them.) 

It was bitter-sweet, but I have to let go.



- my pens now -
Top L-R: Stabilo black pen, Stabilo highlighter I won, old mechanical pencils, Pilot pens, and Faber-Castell ballpens.
Bottom L-R: Stylus Gel .4, Uni Pin .1, Zebra Z-1 S, and the Dong-As!

Anyway, most of the pens I had before were Pilot, Dong-A gel pens (colored and the black ones), and some other pens I hoarded from my father's stash. Lol! The Parker and the Rotring pens I had to keep, they're my dad's so it has sentimental value. Mechanical pencils were kept too, and the leads as well not to mention the Mongol pencils from years ago.

Now that my "collection" has been downsized, I discovered affordable pens and decided to get them for myself. Insert happy face here! Lol! So there, checkout the new addition to my pen-family!

Titus Fine
They are totally my favorite now. These ballpens are oil-based and comes in different colors. Plus, they're so affordable that each pen only cost Php 7.75! I bought them at National Bookstore, except for the green and brown which was given to my by a friend. Here's a tip though, you have to go and check the bookstore every now and then because they don't have all the colors in-stock all at once. I get to complete the set with 3 separate trips to NBS.

Bic and Monami
I got the Bic because I've been searching for a lime-colored ballpen, which I think Titus doesn't carry. I'm a bit surprised, actually, because I never thought Bic already had colored pens. Ballpoint size though is .7mm, I like fine point so I prefer .5 and smaller. The color is nice, it's just that the ink is lighter than expected. But hey, I only paid Php 9.75 for the pen, so it's good.

Now, the Monami Love Pet gel pen, was unplanned but I so like the color that's why I bought it. Ballpoint is .38mm which I loved! Price is Php 21.75. 

Dong-A My Color 2
 This one rocks! They had so many colors, which I haven't completed yet. The pen has twin tip, one of which was smaller than the other. I always use them on my planner, the fine tip especially! I just love the colors and I really wanted to have more. But I think, I'm good with what I have now. Each pen is at Php 22.75 only!

Faber-Castell 12 Classic Colour Pencils

This has 2 purpose - 1) for my planner and 2) so my little girl could play with it. Besides it's nice to have colored pencils around the house, you could use them any time and any way you want. Bought the set for Php 124.75 and thinking of buying the set with 36 or 48 colors.

So there you go! I'm planning to have brush pens and water brush as well, but I'm still in search of an online shop who carries the brands that I want. So, better watch out for that blog post! *wink*

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  1. Hello, nakaka inspire at I envy your pens ahh, pero i'm so happy na may katulad din ako :D well ganun talaga napapasayo tayo kahit sa ganyang bagay. tapos natuwa naman ako dito...

    It was bitter-sweet, but I have to let go.



    hahaha :) so paano? I let go ko na din ba sya? sya lang nasa puso ko eh. hahaha </3


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