Dolci Coffee Jelly

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I love coffee, but I'm not a jelly type of person. Which explains why I haven't tasted any coffee jelly in my entire life!

But then, a very generous friend gave me one a few weeks ago and it was only today that I finally opened it. I'm a bit surprised because it tastes just right, not bitter and not too sweet either. If you prefer mild tasting coffee, Dolci Coffee Jelly is the one for you! Plus, it's not jelly, instead they used Nata de Coco as a substitute to the usual gelatin. Nice!

And if you want to try for yourself, you can buy Dolci Coffee Jelly (300g) at Landmark Supermarket for only Php 49. Pretty much affordable! 
By the way, they're really good with Vanilla ice cream! *wink*

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