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Friday, June 06, 2014

Every now and then, I'm creating blog designs for my cousin, friends, and for myself; specifically blog headers. I'm doing Facebook profile picture and cover photos as well, may it be for personal account or for online shop's Facebook pages.

However, the designs that I made was for free, I just wanted to practice my skills and I feel like I'm not a PRO (yet) to get paid. :) I guess the best return that I get from my so-called "clients" are the satisfaction and appreciation from the designs that I have given them. :)

So, here it is. Enjoy my digital creations! ♥

Rodeo Chic - Profile Picture only

ZAMI Collections - Profile Picture and Cover Photo

ZAMI Collections' Order Form and Terms & Conditions Icon
Order Form is in .jpg format, while the Terms & Conditions is in .png format. Notice how clean .png is, compared to .jpg? LOL!

Jongs Marketing Logo used in a letterhead, requested by my cousin Zoan

It Starts with K - Blog Banner requested by Kaye herself :)

My {very bare} Tumblr Banner :)

My retail online shop, White Poppy Wishes - Profile Picture and Cover Photo

That's pretty much of it for now, I'll feature more of my creations on my upcoming blog posts. :)

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional or something, please please be kind to me! ^_^

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