My love affair with nail polish ♥

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

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I was in high school then when I became interested in coloring my nails, maybe because my mom also loves it on hers. But I can only color my nails during weekends and summer vacations, because colored nails are not permitted on high school students. 

Then came college, where you can get the freedom that you couldn't get in high school. I started buying nail polish almost every week; that is when I only have extra allowance. And being happy as a bee, I had my nails colored throughout the entire semester. I changed colors 2-3 times a week, whatever mood I am in. 

However, I've noticed that my nails became soft and chipped off easily. I can even bend it, that the tip of my nails touches the tip of my finger. My nails then became brittle. I guess (and I’m sure) it was caused by the chemicals of the polishes, added by the constant use of acetone. So, I stopped using nail colors for another semester. 

Now, I only use them occasionally. True enough, my nails are healthy again, stronger than ever!

Disclaimer: This post was originally posted on June 09, 2013 on my [terminated] account. Thanks! :)

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