Ceelin Plus {Review}

Friday, November 15, 2013

Even before I became a mother, I had been acquainted with Ceelin through my godson who stayed with us for 2 years. I was the one assigned to buy supplies for him, and Ceelin has always been on the list.

When I had a child of my own, there were no second thoughts, I chose Ceelin right away. Now, it’s been 2 years & 8 months since I have entrusted my little girl to Ceelin.

Ceelin played a big role in keeping my daughter’s immune system strong. With proper vitamins and nutrition, thankfully,  I can only count the times when she got sick.

But of course, I still have to be sure of my daughter’s health. Having to try Ceelin Plus keeps me assured that my daughter is 100% healthy.

Ceelin Plus is an Apple Flavored Vitamin C in syrup form combined with Zinc to level up the child’s immunity against sickness and graver diseases.

When my daughter tried Ceelin Plus, she loved how the apple flavor tasted. A bit different from the usual Vitamin C orange flavored that you can see. I’m just glad the I don’t have to chase her when it’s time to drink her vitamins. Ceelin Plus indeed is mom’s and child’s best friend for a stronger immune system.

Ceelin Plus Syrup comes in 60, 120, and 250ML bottle and is manufactured by Unilab.

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