Hi Icha! ^_^

Thursday, August 01, 2013

When we already have kids we love giving them cute names, it's like our endearment to our little ones - Bubba, Honey, Sweetie. There are also nicknames or pet names that sound closely to their first name.

My daughter's nickname is Izza, taken from her first name Chrizza. But for paternal grandmother, she's Meg or Meggy.

But aside from Izza, we fondly call her Icha.

Well it all started with our toddler neighbor, Darren. 

Me and Izza (5-month old then) went out with our usual pahangin-sa-labas-hour when we saw Darren outside looking at Izza. 

As I approached him, I happily greeted and said "Hi Darren! Say HI to Izza!" 

and that's when he said, "HI ICHAAAA!!!" 

with all smiles! ^_^

And that's when we started to call Izza in her lambing name.. Icha!

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