A Maple Flavored Butter!

Monday, May 13, 2013

This Mother's Day, a lot of Facebook fan page of different brands held their own giveaways, contests, and promos. Some were even generous, they will just ask you to like and share their picture, submit your details then you'll get to receive their goodies for FREE. 

One of them is Anchor Butter. A week ago we claimed our goodies from them, they were giving 3 pieces of Anchor Maple Flavoured Butter at 200g for each person. Since there were two of us in our household, we got 6! Nice huh?! ☺

This is my first time to get a taste of a Maple flavored butter. Anchor Butter tastes yummy compared to other brand of butters, which made me really excited to know how good their flavored butter would taste. So, we opened one right away when we got home!

. And the verdict, it tastes real good! You can definitely taste the flavor of Maple syrup in the butter. And what comes first in my mind when I tasted it? PANCAKES & WAFFLES! As if I'm already having an actual pancake and waffle right at the moment! 

The trip to their office to claim these goodies are definitely worth it. Thank you Anchor! ☺

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