Saturday, August 11, 2012

When Instagram made way on social media scene, I became attracted right away! I love pictures, and it is a perfect platform for me to share my photos. What's great about it is you can use filters to enhance the photos more before posting or uploading it.

When I learned that The Mommy Journey hosted a giveaway featuring this cool social media app, I joined right away. The giveaway was sponsored by InstaMug; they're expert on printing your Instagram photos right on the mug! Such a creative idea right?! Perfect for gifts and souvenirs.

I became lucky, I won 2 mugs from them!

And after exchanging of emails with InstaMug regarding my choice of photos that will be printed, these babies arrived.

They're so wonderful! Seeing the print on the mug, we know for sure that the materials used for printing the photos is of best quality.

And when hubby saw the mugs, he was amazed! He asked for one, so I gave him the mug with bigger photos.

For me, with my new coffee buddy, I will definitely have great mornings seeing Instagram pictures of my little family.

Thanks Mommy Chris and InstaMug! :)

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