Adorable Shoes for My Little Girl

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Joining blog giveaways has become one of my favorite stress reliever. It is also a great way of discovering blogs and new products.

One of the giveaways that I've joined that got me so excited was the one that was hosted by Mommy Chesca of Young.Mom.Love. 

Along with Mommy Elay of Baby Nate's Online Shop, they gave away a TipTap Baby Soles shoes of your choice!

I was thinking, "Shoes for my little girl! I want!"

Luckily, I won!

I was chosen to have the best comment for this question:

"What are your splurges when it comes to baby shopping? How did you prepare for the coming of your baby?"

Here's my answer that got me the prize:

I was excited when I found out that I was pregnant. I made a check-list right away of the things that I needed to buy in preparation of her coming. I had my room rearranged too, removed all those ‘kalats’ and had a general cleaning. I also had myself educated about pregnancy, giving birth and taking care of a newborn through reading books and websites, they’ve been such a big help. She changed my life and I love her so much for that. And it’s really nice to have a baby girl because I just love dressing her up, that’s why I splurge on cute baby clothes, shoes, hair bows.. and stuffed toys too!

Finally, when we got the shoes on our hands, we fit it right away on my little girl. They're so adorable, really soft! Perfect as her pre-walker shoes. I know right away, that these pair of shoes won't hurt her tiny feet.

Thank you so much Mommy Chesca and Mommy Elay for choosing my comment as the best one. Got new shoes for my little girl! Thank you!!! ^_^

Eyelet Mary Janes
Item Code: TT-A-11-4

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