Count Your Blessings

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hi lovelies! It’s been a while since my last post. A lot of drama has been going on and I was terribly uninspired to share something to you. I even deleted some of my blogs so I can focus more on my life. I only maintained two blogs, my first, which I used for giveaways and meme’s, and this blog. Online giveaways/contests became my stress reliever, I enjoyed joining one and I get to discover great blogs through this as well. But that stopped too!

Until one day, I realized that blogging actually helped me to keep myself sane. It’s a way for me to realize that there are still wonderful things in life despite of all the trials I encounter. It’s a way for me to discover myself; who I am, what I want, what I’m capable of, my weaknesses, my strengths. It is my outlet, my breathing space.

Moving on, I’m just thankful that 2011 made a big impact in my life despite all the big challenges that came. I’m thankful because:

• I gave birth to a wonderful healthy baby girl! I’m officially a mom now. Discovering new things with my baby made the pain all worth it.
• I’ve learned how to prioritize things in my life.
• Became wiser when it comes to money.
• I may not be as lucky as others, but I also had some share of winnings from the net. I just love giveaways! :)
• Hubby gave me a new android phone. I told him that I’m still okay with my 5 year-old phone. ^_^

Big challenges are always there, but it taught me to be more patient, stronger, and keeping my faith alive. Thank you Lord for 2011 and I’m looking forward for a fruitful 2012!

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