Boxer Shorts to Tank Top

Friday, October 14, 2011

I found this boxer shorts while I was on the process of cleaning up my closet. I can still remember the day that it was bought ten years ago. I was with my mom, and I literally begged her to buy me this 'cause I really liked the design. And since I'm not using it for ages, it would be perfect to make something out of it. 

• the FRONT •

• this is how the BACK looked like •

• TADAHHH!!! The finished project! ♥♥♥ •

I wish I could share to you the steps on how I did this, kind of a tutorial so you guys can make one for your little darlings too. However, I'm just starting and still struggling in finishing a master piece. A lot of trial & errors you know! LOL! But of course, in the right time! 

So now, you can check this tutorial that I've found through Pinterest, the Easy Breezy Tank from Craftiness is not Optional.

Enjoy! ♥

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