Pink Onesie to Sleeveless Top

Friday, September 09, 2011

Now that I've got my mom's sewing machine all by myself, and after making my daughter's pillowcases, I finally made my first attempt to "refashion".

Looking for something to practice on, I've found this hand-me-down onesie given to Izza. She didn't get a chance to wear this, it's already small for her. And also, there's a hole near the snaps, a little yellow stain, and a faded print. So instead of throwing it away, I decided to make a sleeveless top out of it. ☺

What I did was I cut the sleeves and the lower part of the onesie. Made a shape of heart from the extra piece to cover the faded print. 

So how did it go?

It was a struggle! Haha! I was really having a hard time 'coz the type of fabric stretches. But it's OK! Izza seems happy with her new old top! Now that's where the sense of fulfillment comes. ♥

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  1. wow, dami mo nang nalalaman ha. mga the way to tipid talaga ito!

  2. meron pa yan, di ko pa lang na po-post! ^_^


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