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Saturday, August 20, 2011

This sewing machine has been with us for so many years. I grew up seeing my mom sitting in front of it making me school uniforms and dresses. I learned as I watched her. I practiced by making clothes for my Barbie doll. The only part that I don't like is making patterns. I don't like measuring! It is a complicated task for me. But I really do enjoy stitching hems. Believe me, it's the easiest part. ☺

 Being a SAHM, I wanted to end my day productively aside from being a yaya to my baby girl, browsing the internet, and joining giveaways. And since sewing is not new to me, I decided to sit in front of my mom's sewing machine again.

Thinking of what to make, I remembered that my baby needs more pillowcase. And for my first attempt, I finished 4 small pillowcases and 2 for bolster pillows.

I'm so proud! I love it! ☺

BTW, you gotta try using Pinterest. It's really cool, I enjoy using mine! That's where I search for inspirations and DIYs. So you guys will be seeing my creations here 'coz I have a lot of projects pinned already! naks! LOL!

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  1. Hi sis! ask ko lang if may winner na for your pasko sa agosto? Baka kase na-overlooked ko eh, excited much na me lol! thanks :)

  2. yes sis! kanina ko lang na-post. you can check it here.



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