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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Something's wrong with Facebook but not all seem are affected by it because my niece's account is okay and my hubby's Facebook account is working well too.

This has been happening for the past few days. At first, there were only broken images, then Farmville doesn't load properly, now the whole site is acting crazy. Tried clearing cache and cookies, used three different browsers, then tried opening from a different computer. But, still the same.

I already searched for current bugs affecting Facebook interface, but there were none (or maybe I wasn't using the right keyword. LOL!). Anyway, I've already submitted my report to them and hopefully, this will get fixed right away.

Are you also experiencing this?

A few hours after I've posted this, everything went back to normal! I guess the Facebook angels heard me. LOL! I just hope this will be for good and not just for a few hours only! *wink*

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  1. I'll probably jinx myself now but yes that sort of thing does happen to me. Although it doesn't quite look like your screenshot. It still looks broken. Sometimes refreshing the page helps and other times it doesn't.

  2. I've been having problems with facebook since yesterday. At first it was just the pics not loading properly; then i couldn't upload pics on my hubby's account. Then this morning i keep getting the same page like yours... tried google, of course, to look for a 'cure'... then I saw a suggestion which says that clearing cache and private data (i'm using firefox, by the way)helps. I did just that and now, I'm back to fb-ing once again =) hopefully it'll solve your problem, too.

  3. Jo-anne, refreshing didn't help. But, everything's good now! :)

    Winchester, I haven't done anything like clearing the private data, but I was surprised that it went back to normal around 4pm. LOL!

  4. im experiencing the same matter. please help :(
    mail me at


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