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Monday, February 21, 2011

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What's next after giving birth aside from immunizations, never ending changing of diapers, breast-feeding, etc? That would be welcoming your little angel to the Christian world!

Yup! She's still inside me but we can't wait! 

Since me and my hubby had different religions, we decided to do a Christian dedication and a Catholic baptism. As what we have talked before, the dedication will be held here in Manila and Catholic baptism in Bataan which is my hubby's hometown. But it would be costly, and a little bit weird since the baby will be having two different dates for the Christening.

So now we've decided that we will be doing it here in Manila and all in one day. And maybe just in time with my hubby's birthday in June. 

I'm already thinking about the preparations, the check list, the food and everything! And the theme as well.

I guess I'll get used to preparing and hosting parties for my little girl. :)

The labor of love!

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  1. Same here! Ziggy's still in my tummy and we're already thinking about his baptism. We even have a theme for his first birthday already! Hehehe. Excited much? :D

  2. You bet! But I don't have a theme for her 1st bday yet, I might go crazy! This is my first! hehehe! :D

  3. Hello Aine, I could feel your excitement :-)My brother-in-law's first baby had his dedication last January and they used the Photobooth http://munzurin.com/blag/2011/01/26/photo-booth-madness/ as the souvenir. It's like shooting two birds in one stone and I must say it's a good souvenir for the guests. I just thought I'd share it.

    Welcome to the mommies's world soon!


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