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I've been lazy for the past week, because of the scorching heat that all I wanted to do was freeze in front of the fan!


I finished the lettering challenge!!!


That was a first! Makes me proud of my little accomplishment. I'm really happy! ^_^

I love how the #togetherweletter went. I saw progress on my works, creative juices are starting to flow (again, after how many years), I get to discover techniques on how to do my lettering without too much mistakes (and wasted papers. Hihi!), and finding the best time to work on the challenge.

I just wish, and I'm really crossing my fingers, that I'll get to fulfill my dreams anytime soon. Incorporating my hand lettering and fabric flowers to create one unique handmade piece.

God willing! ^_^

Cheers to the last week of April Togther We Letter Challenge.

Day 25 - Spectacular
Day 26 - Bloom

Day 27 - Grand

Day 28 - Fabulous

Day 29 - Ridiculous

Day 30 - Watercolor

And now, I'm getting ready for May's challenge. If you want to join the fun, checkout @togetherweletter on Instagram and get all your pens and papers and start writing now! Lol!
#TogetherWeLetter prompts for May

This week was fun!

I tried using different ways of taking pictures of my works - fabric flowers, smaller paper, colored background. I might use more on my future lettering, I just need to go through my things to gather and select those that I could use of. When I'm not lazy enough to get the boxes and stuff. Lol!

I think, I maximized the use of Cocoiro Brush Tip refill that I'm almost running out of ink. However, the brush tip is really good that I'm actually looking forward for it to get emptied so I can finally use the brush refill on watercolor - talk about recycling! Hihi!

I just hope though, that Scribe in SM Cebu already have this brush tip refill, because I'm really itching to get one now. And Tombow as well, the pen already has a fading effect!!!

Anyway, here are my days 18 to 24. Enjoy!

Day 18 - Gracious

Day 19 - Friendship

Day 20 - Try Again

Day 21 - Colored Pencil

Day 22 - Awesome

Day 23 - Prayer

Day 24 - Rest

Going half way through the month, here are my days 11 to 17. I tried using my other pens, which are color markers, this week and lessen the use of brush pens for the prompts. I think I have to play with my colored pens more, as I am already used with Tombow and Cocoiro.

As per my progress, I'm definitely satisfied with how my writing is doing now. I still use tons of paper before settling with the final lettering, but as they say - practice, indeed, makes it perfect. ^_^

Day 11 - Relax
"take time for yourself"

Day 12 - Art

Day 13 - Pink

Day 14 - Excite

Day 15 - Permanent Marker
Used here is my go-to marker Dong-A Twin Permanent Marker

Day 16 - Sweet

Day 17 - Shout
"Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth."

Here's my day 04-10 of #togetherweletter lettering challenge I joined for this month. I've been seeing progress with my writing and even add some doodles on some, but still struggling with a few letters.

Also, I ran out of paper while I was in Cebu so I did my day 06, 07, & 08 all at once when I got back here in Bohol. But what's good is I get to use the watercolor that I've been dreading to try since the challenge started. It was good, but of course I still need to practice more on watercolor techniques.

Here they are, enjoy!

Day 04 - Inspire
"Beautiful minds, inspire others."

Day 05 - Brush Pen
The pen I used here is ZIG Clean Color Real Brush in Light Blue. The first and only brush pen I got from the brand. It's a really nice pen. I need more of this!!! ^_^

Day 06 - Rain

Day 07 - Celebrate
Love the buntings! 

Day 08 - Season

Day 09 - Pencil
Supposedly, it should be easy to work with pencils, but then it took me longer to finish this piece compared with the others. And yeah, I need to practice on shading!

Day 10 - Study
"Study hard. Do good and the good life will follow."

See more of my work on Instagram, @niaandbella.

Thank you!

It's been a while since I joined a lettering challenge over at Instagram, and didn't even make it through the first week. I admit, I was a bit intimidated by wonderful pro and newbie calligraphers that I decided to retreat.

A few months later and practices, armed with lettering weapons (I only have a few ^_^), I once again joined a lettering challenge. This time, I'm determined to finish 'til the end. It's a great way to practice my lettering skills and a great way to discover other talented calligraphers around the world.

Amongst the number of challenges I found, I decided to join the one that was hosted by amazing calligraphers, @lissletters and @renmadecalligraphy. They're hosting #TogetherWeLetter over at @togetherweletter, where you can find the monthly prompts and their favorites from all the participants. The challenge is a bit different from the first one I joined. Because here, you're given prompts everyday, and it's up to you on how you interpret that word. Which is I like better, because I get to decide on what to write and how to write it.

the April challenge

Anyway, here are my first two days. The lightning sucks I know, because I took pictures at night. Still, nothing beats natural lighting. ^_^

Day 01 - Smile

Day 02 - Grow
I personally choose to write this quote, perfect for my growing little girl.

Day 03 - Positive Vibes
This one's my favorite!!! The quote, the lighting, and everything! Taken on broad daylight. I just love this! ♥

So what do you think? Not bad, I guess. Besides, practice makes perfect right?! ^_^

And if you're interested to join the fun and practice your lettering skills, head over at @togetherweletter and check our their April lettering challenge.

By the way, you can see more of my work on my Instagram, @niaandbella.

See yah! ^_^

Hi there, let's talk about Shopkins once again! Here's the second blog post installment of our daughter's 2014 Christmas gift. Yes, I'm so guilty of backlogs! But I'm already making up for it, hence this post. ^_^

As I've mentioned in my previous post, these tiny figures comes in different packs and sets. While I have introduced the 5 Pack Shopkins, on this post I'm showing them to you by 12s.

When you buy a 12 Pack Shopkins, you'll get:

10 pcs. Shopkins characters
4 shopping bags
1 shopping basket, and
2 hidden Shopkins or blind bags, and
a collectors guide or instruction manual

This was bought for only Php559.20 from the regular price of Php699.00 at Kids Craze 2014.

shopping basket

the blind bags

and here are the mystery characters from the blind bags

These cuties are really adorable, and I guess I know why I fell in love with them. Well, aside from bookstores, I love going to groceries! It's my personal haven, a place where I release all the stress! It's a place where we're allowed to shop and spend without guilt because we know the things we buy in a grocery is a must-have for our home. Ladies, shopping has always been therapeutic, right?! Hihi!  So yeah, guilt-free shopping in there! Lol! So, it is really fun to see our favorite grocery items right in our home with their cute little faces making our little ones happy with them. Oh, and it's a great way to introduce some household stuff to our kids and what it does to our home. ^_^

"Hunny, this is Dishy Liquid. You use this to soap our plates to make them clean after we eat."

Well, that works for us. *wink*

So here they go, the Shopkins we've got from the 12 Pack. Enjoy!

Dishy Liquid

Choco Lava

Sneaky Sue

Yummy Gum

Baby Swipes

Molly Mops

Fasta Pasta

Toasty Pop
my favorite of all! ^_^

Coffee Drip

Corny Cob
got the same from the 5-pack's blind bag, but in different color

Mary Muffin
Ohhh, this one's a heart breaker - we lost her! we couldn't find her anymore. And what's more heart breaking is (yep until now!) she belongs to the "ultra rare" characters from season 2. :(

Olivia Oil
belongs to ultra rare characters as well

Whoever is the brain behind these adorable tiny pieces is definitely a genius! Not only you make kids giddy but you also let moms like me fell in love with Shopkins! And it's true, "once you shop.. you can't stop!"